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07/24/13 11:48 AM #1    

Fred Schumacher

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07/30/13 07:57 PM #2    

Fred Schumacher

From Mike Milodgragovich -

Electronics class taught by "Doc" Caine, who'd go in the closet and "secretly" smoke a ciggie while we were working on various projects.  On this particular day, we had been involved in building a Heathkit 5 tube superheterodyne AM radio.  The class had already completed a crystal radio and maybe some other projects.  One (or perhaps both) of the Egbert boys announced they were ready to plug in their radio for its maiden reception.  Mr. Caine and several others of us gathered around the Egbert lab counter.  Mr. Caine went thru a brief visual inspection and asked his questions. The radio was then cleared for launch and plugged in.  Next moment of truth: turn it on!.  

When the radio was switched to "on" there was an awesome, long, quite loud Zzzzzzzzzzzt.  A moment later a perfect (rectangular) gray smoke ring appeared from beneath the frame and we all watched as it wafted toward the ceiling, gently drifting in the ambient air currents, all the while maintaining a recognizable rectangular shape.  Their radio project was most assuredly "done". 

03/22/14 09:55 PM #3    

Cecily Hart (Hart)

I remember freshman home economics class, when not one of us knew how to use a garbage disposal. We got no help from Mrs. Mouchet.  We scraped some leftover food down the disposal, then put in the sink stopper and switched  the disposal on, being careful to let no water go down the drain.  Fortunately, we did not plug up the sink. 

Our home ec teacher told us not rinsing the dish suds off the dishes would cause cancer.  Wearing contact lenses would give us cancer.  Hmmmm. 

I also remember Lorraine Ratcliff sewing doll clothes without a pattern, and having them come out just fine.  I was amazed and envious that she could do that.  Mrs. Mouchet was very frustrated because she didn't use a pattern.     I sliced off an eighth inch wide ribbon of skin all the way up my shin when I shaved my legs the night before our class fashion show, and felt embarrassed to have to walk across the stage in front of everyone with my lack of skill so obvious.  I lied to everyone about how it happened.  I said it happened as we pulled the piano out of that big box it was stored in.   Don't even remember what I sewed. 

09/07/14 09:16 PM #4    

Paula Dailey (Shores)

Finally took time to sit down and view all the the pictures taken and posted from the reunion.  My goodness,  what a lot of great photos!  Thank you all for taking the time and effort, and Kathie for labeling each one!  I smiled again,  remembering how nice it was to see you all!

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